The Interview Process at Vertalo

What to expect when you interview with us

The Basics

We believe it’s important that you, as a job candidate, have a clear idea how the interview process works here at Vertalo and so we’d like to share some insight on what to expect. While we like to keep things friendly and informal, there is a sequence of steps we follow during the interview process:

Our Homework

Of course, we look closely at your resume. But we also look to other resources to gauge your qualifications:

  • LinkedIn Profile - This is very useful as a means to gain further insight into your background. We look at endorsements, recommendations and activity.
  • GitHub - We’re big on passion projects (stuff you’re working on when you’re not doing your day job). When relevant, we will look at your GitHub account and assess the quality and sophistication of your code, as well as your overall level of activity. These are strong indicators for us that you are looking to continuously improve your skills and up your game.
  • Portfolios - For those roles with an artistic element (UX, UI, graphic designer), we want to see your handy work. Typically, we will ask you to walk us through your portfolio so you can highlight items and we can ask you questions.

The Handshake (video call, 30-45 minutes)

This is an opportunity for us to get to know you. We’ll ask you about your current and past jobs (as listed on your CV) and confirm some of the technical skills listed there. Just as important, we want to hear your responses to the following questions:

  • What’s motivating you to seek a new opportunity?
  • What exactly are you looking for in a new opportunity?
  • What do you want to avoid in a new opportunity?
  • What questions do you have for us?

While this is not a formal “tech interview”, we will probe your knowledge in areas we feel are relevant to the role for which you are applying.

The Tech Interview (video call, 30-45 minutes)

Ok, you’ve made it through the preliminaries and we feel it’s worth going to the next phase: the dreaded tech interview. As a rule, you will speak with our CTO, William Baxter, and he will do a deeper dive into your technical knowledge. Sample code is typically used to test your ability to explain concepts and solve problems.

The Finals (in-office*, 1-2 hours)

As the finale to the Vertalo interview process, we will have you into our offices in Austin to do another round of technical interview, meet a few folks on the team, and sit down with our CEO, Dave Hendricks, where he will provide you the strategic vision and direction of the company and answer any general questions you may have.

* If you are remote to the Austin area we can still accommodate you for the final interview! We’ll set up a Google Meet video conference, and our team will move in and out of the Meet as needed.

Culture Fit

Vertalo is a small company. But we have every intention of growing quickly to meet the ever-increasing demand for our technology and services…and we want to do this thoughtfully with an eye toward making sure every person we choose to bring on board not only fits within our culture, but grows and extends it. To this end, we are continuously evaluating candidates on the culture-fit spectrum throughout the interview process. Let’s be clear, though: We’re not looking for people who are just like the rest of us. On the contrary, we are looking for people who can push us to think outside our box, but who also share our values of hard work, entrepreneurial spirit, and ownership. Good luck!

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