Energy in the Room

Face-to-face makes a better team

The energy in our office is off the charts compared with most places. We work on lots of big problems. We are growing fast. Our clients demand more and more of us. We are a tight team, and we work face-to-face.

Our team has been in the office together since June 2020. We bucked the work-from-home trend because it doesn’t support our dynamics and pace. It would be nearly impossible for anyone to keep up with us while working remote. We accomplished much more in the office than we could possibly have done while working remote. You simply don’t get the same energy in a remote room.

If you have worked in a fast-paced office and worked remotely, you know the difference. The important casual conversations don’t come so easily over the wire. Those conversations happen many times every day at Vertalo. Our daily stand-up usually causes several of them to spin out at once and in parallel. Issues wait for consideration not because they must, but because we decide they should.

When things get testy while working remote, it’s tempting to sign off and cool down rather than hash out your disagreements and use them to make progress. We operate by “contentious consensus” that is hard on ideas and soft on people, through which disagreement produces better outcomes.

Vertalo is a learning organization in a rapidly evolving market. Our vision is clear, yet how we execute against it is subject to change as we learn from our clients, our partners, and one another. Realigning around new understanding is a constant practice.

We operate as a genuine team, not a collection of individual contributors. Each of us has areas of focus. Yet each of us helps in neighboring areas to make one another more effective, the essence of team productivity.

None of this works well over the wire, and all of it works brilliantly in the office. Our office is intense. It is challenging. It is provocative. It is fast-paced. It is team oriented.

Does that sound like your kind of environment? We are hiring! Check out our careers page and tell us where you can contribute. There is no substitute for your energy in the room!

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