About Vertalo

Connecting and enabling the digital asset ecosystem

Who we are

We’re experts in building teams and slinging code. We are small and very high-powered. We work together in an office full of freewheeling communication and challenge.

We have a hard time finding developers who can keep up with us. Their senior is our junior.

Our story

Vertalo’s parent company SeriesX was formed in February 2017 to address problems that arose during due diligence the founders went through in their earlier start-up lives. Running a digital securities offering in the fall of 2017 led us to incorporate Vertalo as a SeriesX subsidiary and pivot to data management for digital securities.

During 2019 we built the premiere digital asset management platform, created industry-first innovations like keyless custody wallets and chain-swap technology, launched our cross-chain V-Token protocol into production, and registered with the SEC as a transfer agent.

In 2020 we brought Capital Advisors, Registered Investment Advisors, and Broker-Dealers onto our platform to serve multiple issuer clients, integrated with their existing workflows, and deployed investor onboarding as a service.

In 2021 the future is bright! Our clients love us and continue to deepen their relationships with us. We are deploying new investor and issuer onboarding flows, enhancing transfer-agent services, and integrating with more players in our space. We are still in the early days, yet we are poised to fullfil our goal of connecting and enabling the digital asset ecosystem.