V-Token Overview

The Key to our Blockchain Architecture

August, 2021 The Vertalo V-Token is a standardized smart-contract architecture that gives private issuers flexibility in their offerings and tokenizations. Built upon a proprietary technology that Vertalo developed for its own STO in 2018, it can implement any trading-restriction policy from full lockup to free trading, and can be upgraded at any future date to change the restrictions. As a regulated entity in its capacity as a licensed transfer agent, Vertalo works to ensure the movement and custodying of digital securities (using the V-Token) in a regulatory compliant manner for the benefit of our clients. [Read More]

Vertalo API Primer

An Introduction to the Vertalo API

August, 2021 As an “API first” company, Vertalo has designed its platform in an open and flexible way. This makes it possible for our partners to integrate with our platform through the Vertalo API when and where it’s needed. This could range from pulling or pushing data for a specific purpose to a full scale implementation of a custom UI. (The Vertalo portal is, in fact, a reference application built on top of our own API. [Read More]