Vertalo $10k x $10k Plan

Help us find great hires, and get paid for the effort!

Incentives Matter

Vertalo is hiring, and we want the best. The best usually come from your network. Of course we work with recruiters as well. Those recruiters get paid when they land candidates with us. So why not offer similar rewards when our network produces great hires? Now we do!

Who is Eligible?

This offer is available to non-recruiter members of our network. If you are a recruiter, this is not for you.

If you make a first-time introduction that results in a hire within 90 days, Vertalo will pay you a $10k bonus when the hire reaches 90 days of employment in good standing. And Vertalo will also pay the employee $10k! We hope you want to help us succeed and introduce us to the right candidates on that basis alone. But if you just want to make a buck by introducing us to a great candidate, that also works for us.

How to Make the Introduction

Please make sure the candidate is interested. Before you make the direct introduction, message us on LinkedIn and tell us who the candidate is and why they are a great fit for Vertalo. We do not want to spend (that’s a polite way of saying “waste”) their time or ours unless hiring is a real option. You’re acting as a reference so please be honest and tell us about their strengths, their weaknesses, how you’ve worked with them in the past, and how we can best make them successful.

Who is Vertalo Hiring?

We have several openings in our product group. See our careers page for details. We work together out of an office in Austin, Texas. These are on-site positions, not remote. If your candidate is living elsewhere but Austin curious, let’s talk! And while you’re checking out our careers page, take some time to look at our blog page to gain insight into our technology and how we think about it!

Don’t be confined to the open positions we list. If you know someone you think is a perfect fit for us for a role we have not listed, let us know. Help us think outside the box!

The Vertalo team is small and extremely high-powered. We are scaling operations to meet demand. We are no longer an early-stage startup, nor are we too big for a newcomer to have a strong influence. This is a great time to make a mark on the future of Vertalo and work among some of the best colleagues around. Help us find that candidate! Make the introduction!

How We Assess Candidates

We ask ourselves a lot of questions when assessing candidates:

  • Are they smart and articulate?
  • Do they have skills we need now?
  • How quickly can they grow into a bigger role than the one they signed up for?
  • Are they a strong team player?
  • Do they stretch the boundaries of our thinking?
  • What does it take to position them for success?
  • What are the signs that they need support?
  • How do you get them back on track when they run off the rails?
  • Will they work with us in the office in Austin?

Thank You!

We thrive through our network. With the right introduction you can add a great deal of value and help Vertalo achieve its full potential. We need your help to find the best people. Thanks for supporting us!

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